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The Brief

Takis Biltong was in the process of rethinking its entire sales capturing strategy for its reps. Certain pain points meant the company wasn’t innovating at a fast enough rate. Duende Digital partnered with Autofficiency to create a hybrid POS application that integrates with their 3rd party sales capturing software for Takis Biltong.


Create a mobile POS application:
- Receipt printing functionality
- Sales tracking
- Syncs with internal CRM & 3rd party integrations

Sales CRM for management
- User permissions management
- POS device management

Takis Biltong POS sales system is custom-built using Javascript and PHP as its main Frameworks. Apache Cordova was the chosen solution for the hybrid mobile application. Cordova allows developers to create hybrid web applications for mobile devices instead of relying on platform-specific code that would be needed for Android, iOS or Windows devices.

This allows for a quicker turnaround time in development and proved useful in the development of the Takis Biltong POS application. Our developers used many custom libraries including those necessary for printing receipts and capturing photos of the receipts.

We utilised SQL as the main storage base for the Takis Biltong POS mobile application and the backend Sales CRM. SQL allows for structured query processing of large records within a database.

Takis required an easy way to find the data and relations about their customers and apply many structured relations with their datasets. SQL allowed for much easier implementation of this architecture where efficient data analysis would be of central importance.

It was important for Takis to have their data sent into Airtable, a cloud collaboration service, where they showcase and generate various reports and allows their team more collaborative insights into the business. We utilised the Airtable API and implemented a data syncing operation on the POS application that pushed sales information to their Airtable base via structured webhooks.

We believe in collaboration and sharing of resources where possible is the best mechanism for growth. When companies tell us they need integrations with 3rd party apps, we always look for the best avenues to make this possible.

The Process

Requirements & Analysis

Our first step was to encompass all the task requirements necessary for building the hybrid mobile application and sales CRM system based on the provided insights that met the conditions for a new improved product.

Resource Planning

Here we maintain stability and adhere to strict project management timelines by implementing guidelines between the project, tasks, team, time and budget.


At this step of the process comes our most important operation. Our development process went through conceiving, specifying, designing, programming and documenting all the project elements


We tested every process of the system to ensure stability and usability. Our testing process is extensive and we tested the app across multiple mobile devices and the main POS devices needed to run the application.


We save time and money by running and scaling distributed applications across our unique optimised configuration process. We provided Takis with a fully managed solution that allows them to scale and grow their applications.

Maintenance & Updates

This is a critical part of our process and fundamentally allows us to monitor the system's infrastructure and manage critical updates to ensure reliability and uptime.

Project Description

Tier 1 – CRM Portal

We created a multi-level system that included an advanced CRM at its core. The CRM developed takes care of customer management, sales recording as well as inventory management. The inventory links directly with the hybrid application and is available immediately.

Tier 2 – POS Application

The second tier of the system is the device-specific POS application. This was created using Apache Cordova as mentioned above and takes full advantage of the devices native printing functionality and image capturing functionality required for application purposes.

Tier 3 – Admin Portal

The admin portal allows for a birds-eye management system. The admin can add discounts to customers and create logins for reps that need a POS device as well as other key analytical insights like sales information and advanced filtering options.

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