Providing businesses with a full range of development services. We create native applications, web applications, hybrid, and PWAs on iOS and Android. Our team are experts in multiple frameworks like Angular, React, VueJS, Flutter, Apache Cordova and more. We utilise the best of common language code to ensure smooth transitioning across all platforms.

We deliver websites that drive results. We strongly believe that websites should drive leads, sales and create a deeper engagement for your customers. Your website is more than a pretty brochure. Speak to us about designing your website or developing a CMS, E-commerce or custom web application.

Custom Development Wordpress Development Ecommerce Solutions

Mobile applications are an excellent opportunity to acquire new customers by allowing them to interact with your brand from anywhere. Duende Digital is one of the leading mobile app development companies in South Africa and we can help turn the vision of your app idea into reality.

Hybrid Mobile Applications Android Development IOS Development

We develop custom software applications for web, desktop and mobile to accommodate your business or organisations preferences and expectations. Our process involves many different departments in the software creation including marketing, engineering and research and development.

Architecture & Strategy Design and Development Automation

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Whether you’re thinking of having your first one made or maybe you just need a new better one, our 7 phase web design process will get you up and running in no time at all. From the analysis, planning, design, content creation, development, browser testing to deployment.

We specialise in creating modern, conversion rate optimised websites that put your business on top of the competition. Whether your company sells products or services, our website design and development team will work hand in hand with you to create a visually appealing and professional website that serves a purpose and solves a problem. Your website may be the first and only impression a potential customer receives of your company, we ensure this impression is unforgettable.

Web Technologies


With the explosion of mobile devices from smartphones and tablets infiltrating every level of society. From young children to senior citizens, practically everyone has some type of mobile device.

Surprisingly enough almost 81% of people use a mobile device to connect to the internet instead of a laptop or desktop computer. Even more interesting, almost 95% of those users keep their mobile devices within arms reach 24 hours a day. Consumers spend more time on a mobile device than all other forms of media combined.

So what does this mean for a business owner like yourself? Opportunity! Opportunity to reach customers on a device they use all day long and check constantly throughout the day. We build mobile solutions for IOS and Android that promotes and enhances productivity for your business or organisation. From concept to development, we cover the entire mobile application development process.

Application Platforms


We offer full end-to-end development services including custom software solutions design, outsourced development, application development, product development, big data & analysis, enterprise solutions, cloud services. Need a software architecture assessment? We can assist with this too and even provide you with a full system audit.

Software Automation

Automating online applications, databases and devices through service integration. The aim is to create a unified whole by connecting and combining various parts. Using patterns of organisation we automate a system’s workflow by connecting each of the assembly line tasks within the flow. Integration can be achieved via API connectivity from 3rd party programs, all housed in a central management platform.

We are connected to the world like never before, and with your business making use of all those apps & services wouldn’t it be amazing if they could all speak to each other without needing any human interaction? We automate the processes that you currently handle manually.

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