Gun Smoke Logistics is a specialised courier service.

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Gun Smoke Logistics is a courier company specializing in the transport of firearms and ammunition. The Gun Smoke System consists of a public facing website where users can generate an automated quote by entering all the relevant details needed for delivery. Each user has their own profile where quotes can be viewed, approved and all orders can be tracked. The website has an admin portal where the admin approves the quotes, delivery dates and assigns drivers to the specific order.

The system is linked to a bespoke delivery app. The purpose of this app is for the couriers to be connected to the system at all times. The couriers will be able to view the following aspects from the app:

• Their order group for the day.
• The route for the order group.
• The details for each order. (How many parcels, how many clients etc.)

The QR code scanner with two factor authentication for deliveries which will replace the waybill signing Provisions should be allowed for credit notes, queries of incidents and accidents and cancelation of orders but if an order was created and scheduled for delivery or collection and cancelled a penalty charge should apply. The driver will be able to track his route and view locations he is traveling to on the map section of the app. The app will notify the driver when he has arrived at the destination where he can scan the clients QR code, input the verification code and then the invoice will be generated on the CRM system. The app of the driver will mark a delivery as done in the delivery group once the QR code is scanned

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