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Corporate Identity

You may be looking to have your existing CI refreshed, or maybe you’re looking at getting an entirely new corporate identity designed. We take you from strategy to design. Removing all the mystery between concept and something tangible that you can see.

Your corporate identity is your representation to the public. What your customers, investors and employees see comes from the brand image you give it. For many businesses, CI could be reflected through branding in many ways. From graphics, decor, website, signage, packaging, messaging, logo, product, staff and even customer experience. Getting an authentic feel of what you want your identity to represent is imperative to its success.

Getting the right like-minded people that understand your vision will help remove the conflicted gap that presents itself when creating a CI. What’s that old saying “objective reality meets subjective expectation”. We can help remove these complications by creating objective goals to steer you in the right direction.

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Digital Design

Digital Design, the communication you have with your customers in an online space. The concept and designs represent a call to action and will drive sales or engagement for your brand.

Away from traditional graphic design, digital design involves movement (animations, interactive elements, movies etc.) giving you a whole new, dynamic way to market your organisation online.

Digital Design services you can ask us for:

– Web Design
– UX Elements
– Social Media Design
– Newsletter Design
– Banner Ads
– Infographics
– Video Animation
– Report and Whitepaper Design

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Brand Credibility
Brand Identity Creates Memory
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It’s no surprise that most businesses are moving away from print design with the ever-growing allure of digital advertising. But there are still many consumers that prefer to receive print design-related marketing for their promotions and sales. While South Africa leisurely moves into a new dawn of technical advancement, print media still has a home to many users that aren’t able to follow the digital spectrum as of yet.

Print design gives you a physical thing, something you can feel and explore. This often leaves people with no option but to read it unlike with an email sent to an inbox, which could simply be deleted. When print design is made in an aesthetically pleasing and attractive way, it results in it being kept for longer than any other media, sometimes days, months or even years. This can create a really strong brand engagement with your consumers.

Our Print Design Services:

Business card design
Banner design
Book cover design
Brochure design
Flyer/flier design
Label and packaging design
Poster design
Billboard ad design

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