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Research shows that for every R1 a company spends on email marketing they make back R44 in return, which makes email marketing an incredibly profitable marketing tool.

Just look at all the benefits of email marketing:

– Build credibility
– send targeted and personalized content
– Better brand recognition
– Boost sales
– Build strong customer relationships
– Time and budget optimization
– Increase website traffic

It’s for these reasons that most marketers still recommend email marketing as one of the most viable ways of promoting your business, and we do too.

Email marketing like any form of marketing changes constantly over the years and it’s important to know what’s working and what isn’t. We have some tips to get your email campaigns going

Keep it Simple

First up is simpler or no email design. Every time we put together an email campaign for a client they start sending us screenshots or email forwards of big companies like Takealot or Superbalist and say “why don’t we do something like this?”. Listen, we get it these emails look really cool and look great in your inbox. Of course, you would want something like this for your business, and in some cases, this does really work well. So why not actually use these templates? Because they look like one big fat commercial when it hits your inbox.

The thinking here is to casually slip into your customer’s inbox as a friend or at least a helpful person that they can trust who isn’t just going to sell to them but also guide them in the direction they want to go.


The most relatable and personal way to get your message across, tell a story. This works great of you send your customer on a little journey based on either your past or a customer’s experience. Insight feeling in an email is the best way to engage your audience and get them invested in your business.

Incorporate Video

Use more video! Don’t just use it in your email, say so in your subject line. This will literally double your open rates on an email. Video makes it so much easier to consume your content vs reading plain text.

Email marketing can be really powerful if used correctly. We know it can be daunting to set up funnel campaigns, design email templates and track performance analysis.

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