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Did you know Facebook now has an audience of more than 2 billion active users? It’s time to get a Facebook advertising strategy for your business. There are now 3 million active companies advertising on the Facebook ads platform. Not only is spending up but so is the effectiveness. For example, the return on ad spend has increased 57% year on year. More than 79% of Facebook advertising revenue comes from mobile ads. 75% of brands on Facebook promote their posts.

Although the organic reach of Facebook posts has declined, the cost to reach people via ads continues to get cheaper. Did you know that on Facebook you can target by behaviours, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or even locations? And with Facebook’s remarketing capabilities, you can reach prospects who have shown interest and nudge them down your funnel! Facebook isn’t the only ads platform giving Google Ads a run for their ROI, so is Linkedin. Linkedin has one of the most promising leads gen networks to drive sales and build brand awareness this year.

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Social media management is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. This task goes beyond just posting updates to your company’s social media profiles. It also includes engaging with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. Regular posts are important, but not as important as the content you’re posting. Time of day, tone of the copy, and even the use of emoji’s play a huge role in the way your posts are received by your target audience. Who would have guessed the complexity?

Achieving your goals for social media, like growing your following or social media revenue, requires extensive research and expertise.

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Content Creation

The content you post on social media can turn your new brand into a power-brand and turn your followers into fans. This kind of influence only comes from having a solid content strategy. It’s not enough to show up on every platform and sporadically update your audience when you have the time. The way to stand out on social media is to distinguish specific goals, design relevant posts that align with those goals and share content on the right platforms.

The use of bold images, captivating copy, eyecatching videos and memorable content are all things to consider when drafting a content strategy for your brand. A content strategy is a crucial part of ensuring that each of your campaigns is helping you get closer to reaching your marketing goals.

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Lead Generation & Analysis

The next best step when venturing beyond brand awareness and engagement on social media is lead generation. This should form part of every social media strategy. Research shows that 80% of leads are lost or ignored. Once an enquiry has been received, it’s often lost in the system or not allocated to the correct marketing campaign.

An intricate stage of collecting social media leads is converting them into paying customers. What’s a lead without conversion, right? It’s helpful to remember that when it comes to generating social media leads, analysis is required at every level. Quality often matters more than quantity.

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